Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Create a Media Kit For Your Blog to Grab the Attention of Fashion Brands

Have you ever visited one of your favourite fashion blogs and noticed that they have a media kit?

The reason they have a media kit is to tell people what their blog is all about and to sell their services. For fashion blogs, the purpose is usually to show fashion brands why they should choose their blog to sponsor over other blogs.

Think of it like this: if you want a fashion brand to sponsor you (pay you or offer you free products to write about their brand or products in return), you will need to apply for sponsorship just like you apply for a job. Instead of sending a resume, you send a media kit. Once you have established communication with the brand (by sending an introduction email or phone call), send them your media kit to show them what your blog is all about.

Media Kit 101 for Your Fashion Blog including photo of fashion girl.
Creative derivative work of original photo by Clothedmuch
What is a Media Kit?
It includes information about your blogging focus, readers, traffic, services and contact information. It sums up your blog in one page, including all the exciting, relevant information you have to offer. Check here for more info:

Why do I need a Media Kit?
It helps you sell your blog to a fashion brand, enticing them to want to partner with you.

What does a media kit look like?
Fashion-Isa provides a great example of what a media kit looks like for a fashion blog. It includes statistics, services and the benefits of partnering, sponsoring or advertising on her blog:

Media Kit example from Fashion-Isa blog

What steps do I need to take to make one?

-Install Google Analytics to track how many visitors come to your blog
-Install a widget so that people can subscribe to your blog via RSS
-Open up social media accounts for your blog, grow your following
-Figure out your sponsorship policies (Ex: Do you want to allow sponsors to give free giveaways on your blog? Will you offer product reviews? What are your rates for advertising on your blog?)
-Figure out your payment policies (Ex: When is payment due prior to sponsorship?)
-Take high quality photos of yourself to include in the kit
-Get some testimonials!!

One last note to add: If your statistics aren't that great, leave them out and include your blog GROWTH rates. Brands like to see "In the first 6 months this blog has been in operation, it has grown by 800%)"!

With all that, you are well on your way! Will you start creating one today? Would love to hear your feedback in the comments.